Wasting time on the internet

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How to Quit Mindlessly Surfing the Internet and Actually Get Stuff Done

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How To Actually Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

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How To Actually Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

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Or hit up a new and start building a mastermind group. And, although an Ivy League school offering a creative-writing class called “Wasting Time on the Internet” still sounds shocking to many.

The other day, I found myself looking at a blank address bar in a new tab of my web browser. I wanted to waste time, but I didn’t know how. May 14,  · The other day, I found myself looking at a blank address bar in a new tab of my web browser.

I wanted to waste time, but I didn’t know how. Nov 05,  · We all waste a lot of time on the internet these days.

Wasting Time on the Internet

And due to mobile devices, we do it everywhere, not just at home. (In fact, right now there is enormous pressure on moi to make sure you feel reading this is productive and not just more time-wasting on the internet. Wasting Time on the Internet [Kenneth Goldsmith] on redoakpta.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Using clear, readable prose, conceptual artist and poet Kenneth Goldsmith’s manifesto shows how our time on the internet is not really wasted but is quite productive and creative as he puts the experience in its proper theoretical and /5(7). Live without dead time.

— Situationist graffiti, Paris, May We spend our lives in front of screens, mostly wasting time: checking social media, watching cat videos, chatting, and shopping.

Wasting time on the internet
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