Is the internet bringing people closer

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Mar 05,  · Best Answer: The Internet is bringing people who live far away closer together by allowing them to communicate with one another, educate themselves on other cultures, bargain over items that are common in one area as opposed to another and so on.

Unfortunately it is also causing people who are close to grow Status: Resolved. 13 days ago · ATLANTA, Nov.

Bringing People Closer

15, /PRNewswire/ — Cox creates millions of moments of human connections every day and will focus more on what makes these connections so powerful and unique. AT&T bringing the network closer to the cloud "People want to do more with the network and can do more if the cloud is closer to them." Prabhu said in an interview with the IDG News Service.

The internet and technology didn’t isolate people; it gave them a means to isolate themselves. On the other side of the coin it also gives you a chance to enhance your. TTCL Corporation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 66, likes · talking about this · 3, were here. Welcome to the official Facebook page of TTCL.

Is the internet bringing people closer
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How the Internet Affects Social Isolation